What does YOLO means?

A short form of “You only live once.” This acronym isn’t limited to the NFT or crypto world only. Many people use it on social media outside of crypto to encourage people to live a full life and enjoy every bit of it while it lasts without regret or fear of any consequences.

But when used in NFTs or crypto, it can be hilarious.


  1. “Don’t YOLO all your SOL into a non-utility PFP.”
  2. “YOLO your 50k USDT into SOL.”


Random Slangs


Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that runs on smart contracts, and its native currency is Ether or ETH. The Ethereum blockchain is the basis of

Ring Signature

It’s a digital signing or agreement made by any member of a particular group—on behalf of the entire group (ring). Ring signature, however, ensures that

Looks rare

Expresses scarcity or uniqueness; to mark an NFT as highly valuable. Rarity is one of the essential features that determine the worth of an NFT.


A short way to say, “I don’t know.” It’s an honest way to express a lack of idea about a subject matter. And besides NFT,


New NFTs or cryptocurrencies that are automatically sent to your wallet for free. This is a common practice in the crypto space to attract and reward early project adopters.

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