What does Wen means?

A loose spelling of “when.” Crypto communities use it to inquire about the time of an event.


“Wen WL:” Asks when an NFT whitelist spot will be available.

“Wen moon:” Means “when will a project or asset price rise exponentially?”

“Wen 100 FP:” Asking “when the floor price of an NFT will rise to 100?”

Random Slangs


It’s a detailed documentation of an NFT project plan or roadmap. This document details everything about a project, including its aim, objectives, and future goals.


An acronym for “Binance Smart Chain.” BSC is a protocol that makes the Binance Chain interoperable and programmable. Hence, other resources can communicate with it.

On-chain metadata

Refers to token information about an NFT stored directly on the blockchain; instead of embedding it in the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

Public key

This is a cryptographical hash that produces public wallet addresses for transacting cryptocurrencies. Although it comes with your private key, you can share it with


It’s the cryptocurrency generation process. And it involves adding verified blocks to the blockchain to maintain its integrity through a proof of work (PoW) process.

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