What does Wen means?

A loose spelling of “when.” Crypto communities use it to inquire about the time of an event.


“Wen WL:” Asks when an NFT whitelist spot will be available.

“Wen moon:” Means “when will a project or asset price rise exponentially?”

“Wen 100 FP:” Asking “when the floor price of an NFT will rise to 100?”

Random Slangs


Derivatives are secondary contracts that inherit their value from an existing or underlying one. Examples of derivatives include crypto Options, Swaps, Futures, Forward, and many

Blue chip

Blue chips are well-known projects. NFTs and cryptocurrencies can be blue chips, depending on their adoption, value, and stability. Therefore, as with NFTs, blue chips


An individual who participates in crypto mining. Miners use high-performant GPUs, as the process requires high computing power as more miners join the mining process.


An acronym for “Hold on to Dear Life.” The NFT community uses it to encourage people never to let go of their digital assets, regardless


It describes a continuous rise in the price or an increase in the value of a digital asset or coin. Examples “Pumping after dump:” Describes

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