What does Szn means?

An abbreviation of “season.” The NFT community uses it to depict seasonal changes in the NFT world.


  1. “Not many will projects will survive this bearish szn.”
  2. “Bring back the peaking szns.”

Random Slangs


Used when someone buys a rare NFT at a price below its actual value. Essentially, it means a profitable deal on an NFT. Someone might


New NFTs or cryptocurrencies that are automatically sent to your wallet for free. This is a common practice in the crypto space to attract and reward early project adopters.


A misspelled slang for “Friend.” In the NFT community, people address their buddies as “fren.” Example Hey “fren,” WAGMI!

Never trust, always verify

A warning to assume that every other person or project on the internet is a scam. Otherwise known as the zero trust in cyber security,

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