What does Szn means?

An abbreviation of “season.” The NFT community uses it to depict seasonal changes in the NFT world.


  1. “Not many will projects will survive this bearish szn.”
  2. “Bring back the peaking szns.”

Random Slangs


It determines the level of uniqueness or scarcity of an NFT. Generally, the more scarce an NFT is, the higher its price. Hence, collectors always


A general term for show-off; refers to bragging about a digital asset. For instance, you can flex your NFT by displaying it as a PFP.

Gas Fee

This is the amount paid in crypto for transacting on a particular blockchain. The gas fee is typically a fraction of the native coin of

Reward pool

Refers to token storage that rewards people for participating in token staking or sometimes crypto campaign, usually a P2E game. The reward pool typically contains

Dutch auction

Refers to an auction that opens with the highest possible price (ceiling price); this drops at intervals and closes with the lowest price accepted by

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