What does Snipe means?

Used when someone buys a rare NFT at a price below its actual value. Essentially, it means a profitable deal on an NFT. Someone might say they “sniped” an Okay Bears, for instance. Some NFT collectors take sniping as a job of finding rare NFTs listed far below their original value. Sniping is typically a competition among NFT traders since the fastest hand wins.

Collectors sometimes resort to bot-sniping to find these rare treasures. Examples of such bots are the NFT Rarity Sniper Discord Bot announced by @DeGodsNFT.


Here are some usage examples of “snipe” from Twitter:

  1. This tweet by @Chris_NFToken:
    Any good? Just a bit overwhelmed from all those tons of new projects every day… But yeah had to snipe this coral crown 4 sure!

  2. “What a snipe.”

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