What does Snag means?

To quickly buy an NFT due to a price drop. People often use it synonymously as sniping. For instance, someone might tell you to snag Ethereum NFTs while the gas fee is low.


  1. This tweet by @DocCat513 tells their followers to quickly buy an NFT while the floor price is still affordable:
    you killed this y’all better go snag one the floor is moving fast
  2. Snag a Moonly NFT while the floor price is still low.

Random Slangs


A short form of “initial coin offering.” It’s an early fundraising process for a crypto project, where a project development team sells its tokens to


When you believe that a market or asset is heading towards a downward trajectory. For example, “I’m feeling pretty bearish about the P2E gaming space right now.”


A short way to say, “I don’t know.” It’s an honest way to express a lack of idea about a subject matter. And besides NFT,


A short form of “You only live once.” This acronym isn’t limited to the NFT or crypto world only. Many people use it on social

Proof of Stake (PoS)

A short form of Proof of Stake. It’s a newer consensus relative to Proof of Work. And it helps validate transactions on the blockchain, keeping

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