What does Snag means?

To quickly buy an NFT due to a price drop. People often use it synonymously as sniping. For instance, someone might tell you to snag Ethereum NFTs while the gas fee is low.


  1. This tweet by @DocCat513 tells their followers to quickly buy an NFT while the floor price is still affordable:
    you killed this y’all better go snag one the floor is moving fast
  2. Snag a Moonly NFT while the floor price is still low.

Random Slangs

Dutch auction

Refers to an auction that opens with the highest possible price (ceiling price); this drops at intervals and closes with the lowest price accepted by


A bot is an automated program bearing instructions to execute a specific task. Discord bots are good examples of how the NFT community uses bots


These are valuable digital items that are available for collection. Generally, they’re NFTs and range from artworks, music, video, cloth, sport collectibles to many more.

Noob / Pleb

An NFT or crypto beginner. Generally, someone not knowledgeable about a subject matter is called a Pleb or Noob. But the NFT community has adopted it to describe

Secondary market

It refers to a direct transaction between investors in the crypto market. In NFT, the secondary market typically comes up after minting, phasing out communication

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