Simp / Simping

What does Simp / Simping means?

A person that desperately seeks a woman’s attention with their cryptocurrency or NFT. Generally, it describes someone who expresses extreme passion towards another person without receiving similar affection. The term “simping” is often an internet description of “stupidity” or “foolishness.”


  1. Here’s an interesting hit by @Marky_eth on Twitter:
    “She’s a 10 but she scams every simp on NFT twitter.”
  2. And another from @tkcurated:
    If you are buying NFTs to get closer to a female artist please include simp in your Twitter pronouns.

Random Slangs


Another way of typing “shitposter.” It describes someone who derives joy from posting off-topic content on social platforms like Twitter. They aim to steer reactions,

Ring Signature

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The NFT way of typing the word “dead.” It’s used when an NFT project goes down the drain from a pump and dump or rug


It’s the cryptocurrency generation process. And it involves adding verified blocks to the blockchain to maintain its integrity through a proof of work (PoW) process.

Fungible Tokens (FT)

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