What does Shilling means?

It’s a marketing strategy usually adopted by influencers to promote an NFT project to push others to invest in it.


“The project gained popularity from shilling by influencers.”


Random Slangs


Another way to refer to a digital collectible or token.


An acronym for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt.” It’s the slang used by the NFT community to describe the spread of false information to raise investors’

InterPlanetary File System

Often shortened as IFPS, the Interplanetary File System is a distributed storage system that holds NFT data in a peer-to-peer fashion. IFPS writes data to

Utility-focused NFTs

These are NFTs that offer real-life uses or tools to perform a task. An excellent example of a utility NFT is Moonly, which gives unique

Ring Signature

It’s a digital signing or agreement made by any member of a particular group—on behalf of the entire group (ring). Ring signature, however, ensures that

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