Right Click Save As

What does Right Click Save As means?

A scornful description of NFTs. People who don’t believe in NFTs often use this phrase to express how easy it is to acquire an NFT over the internet, claiming NFTs are digital artworks you can get by simply right-clicking and saving an image.

This phrase spread among the crypto community when NFT was only gaining a foothold, and some claim it’s a hoax. But adopters took a stance against this belief, and “right-click save as” soon became an ironic meme used by NFT traders on Twitter to mock those skeptical about the technology.


Here’s an example of its usage (adapted from @punk6529 on Twitter):

“Civilian: I Right Click Saved 6529 and now it is my PFP”

6529: Go right ahead”

Random Slangs

Mint interval

The time interval between each mint. The aim of adding a mint interval is to offload the real-time requests or transactions during mint.


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The metaverse refers to an immersive virtual world (accessible by wearing a headset) that simulates real-life events, where people can interact regardless of the distance

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