Reward pool

What does Reward pool means?

Refers to token storage that rewards people for participating in token staking or sometimes crypto campaign, usually a P2E game. The reward pool typically contains a part of the project token, and the project owners or campaigners might decide to fill it consistently to avoid drain.


An example of a reward pool is the DAO reward pool system, which distributes rewards in funds to token stakers—to attract more projects into its ecosystem. You can check out this announcement about it in this @TheDaoMaker tweet.


Random Slangs


The term “bullish” is an NFT slang for expressing confidence in a project. It’s the opposite of “bearish.” Examples “I’m bullish on Bored Ape Yacht


It’s a process where people use their tokens to contribute to rewarding block validation for a fixed period; it applies to Proof of stake (PoS)


A short way of writing “moderators.” Mods are individuals appointed by an NFT community to maintain healthy communication on Discord and other collaborative platforms. Depending


A bot is an automated program bearing instructions to execute a specific task. Discord bots are good examples of how the NFT community uses bots


Another way to refer to a digital collectible or token.

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