QR code

What does QR code means?

Also known as “Quick Response code.” It’s a set of matrix squares (typically black and white) only readable by a machine that stores certain information (usually a wallet address in crypto). Many people prefer to use a QR code for its convenience and rapid delivery. Some mobile crypto wallets, including Phantom, Ledger Nano, and MetaMask, also support QR scanning while sending funds.



Random Slangs


A short form of “Key Opinion Leaders.” It defines an industry influencer. In NFT, a KOL is someone whose decision impacts an NFT project. You


They’re an influential personality in a crypto network (characterized by having huge capital whose decision can make or mare a project). For instance, a project


An acronym for “in real life.” The contextual use may vary. But generally, the NFT community uses it when comparing a digital asset to its


This is a short form of cryptocurrency. It’s an ungoverned digital currency backed by a particular blockchain.

Play to Earn (P2E)

These are decentralized games powered by smart contracts that reward players with tokens and digital assets. P2E gamers often access the games via their NFTs

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