What does Pumping means?

It describes a continuous rise in the price or an increase in the value of a digital asset or coin.


  1. “Pumping after dump:” Describes a token or an asset that rises suddenly after a price or value crash.
  2. This tweet by @t420_eth:
    is pumping 700E volume in 8 hours where my fellow #Catz #meow is catz follow catz a thing
  3. “The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT floor price keeps pumping”

Random Slangs


An NFT way of describing a rapid increase in the volume and price of a cryptocurrency or digital asset. The “moon” is the ultimate goal


A loose spelling of “when.” Crypto communities use it to inquire about the time of an event. Examples “Wen WL:” Asks when an NFT whitelist


A short form of “Key Opinion Leaders.” It defines an industry influencer. In NFT, a KOL is someone whose decision impacts an NFT project. You

Avatar project

Avatar NFTs are a collection of artworks that represent a particular animate or inanimate object. Avatar NFTs are some of the most common NFTs today,


It’s a record of the blockchain state (ledger) at a specific block height (a specific point in a blockchain). Developers use snapshots to capture receiving

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