What does Pumping means?

It describes a continuous rise in the price or an increase in the value of a digital asset or coin.


  1. “Pumping after dump:” Describes a token or an asset that rises suddenly after a price or value crash.
  2. This tweet by @t420_eth:
    is pumping 700E volume in 8 hours where my fellow #Catz #meow is catz follow catz a thing
  3. “The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT floor price keeps pumping”

Random Slangs


Means ‘Let’s f***king go!’. It’s used in excitement about new project launches, huge NFT news and other massively positive updates.

Gas war

Gas war results from conflicting transactions on the blockchain, where the volume of NFTs available are lesser than the number of wallet addresses minting the

QR code

Also known as “Quick Response code.” It’s a set of matrix squares (typically black and white) only readable by a machine that stores certain information


Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that runs on smart contracts, and its native currency is Ether or ETH. The Ethereum blockchain is the basis of


Refers to the decentralized web version, where every transaction and data sits on several data nodes. Web 3.0 revolves around blockchain technology and runs decentralized

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