Probably nothing

What does Probably nothing means?

An ironic way to say something is worth attention. For instance, someone might say, the floor price is rising, “probably nothing.” They’re telling the NFT community that they “probably” need to pay attention to the rising floor price of a seemingly undervalued project.


  1. This January 20, 2022 tweet by Binance:
    Twitter NFT integration… probably nothing, right?”
  2. This tweet by @kyle_chasse also calls attention to some NFT projects:
    “Have you been following $CULT & $RVLT? It’s probably nothing…”

Random Slangs


A short form of “decentralized finance.” DeFi defines technology that gives users control over their financial transactions. However, many DeFi systems operate on the blockchain


A short way of writing “moderators.” Mods are individuals appointed by an NFT community to maintain healthy communication on Discord and other collaborative platforms. Depending

Blue chip

Blue chips are well-known projects. NFTs and cryptocurrencies can be blue chips, depending on their adoption, value, and stability. Therefore, as with NFTs, blue chips


The most well-known cryptocurrency.


It’s a marketing strategy usually adopted by influencers to promote an NFT project to push others to invest in it. Example “The project gained popularity

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