Probably nothing

What does Probably nothing means?

An ironic way to say something is worth attention. For instance, someone might say, the floor price is rising, “probably nothing.” They’re telling the NFT community that they “probably” need to pay attention to the rising floor price of a seemingly undervalued project.


  1. This January 20, 2022 tweet by Binance:
    Twitter NFT integration… probably nothing, right?”
  2. This tweet by @kyle_chasse also calls attention to some NFT projects:
    “Have you been following $CULT & $RVLT? It’s probably nothing…”

Random Slangs


The term “bullish” is an NFT slang for expressing confidence in a project. It’s the opposite of “bearish.” Examples “I’m bullish on Bored Ape Yacht


An acronym for “Binance Smart Chain.” BSC is a protocol that makes the Binance Chain interoperable and programmable. Hence, other resources can communicate with it.


A short form of “ask me anything.” An AMA is usually a session on Twitter Space, where an NFT project community members get to ask


Oracles are third-party services connecting the blockchain to data outside of its ecosystem. The blockchain doesn’t interact with real-world data by default, but oracles make


A loose spelling of “when.” Crypto communities use it to inquire about the time of an event. Examples “Wen WL:” Asks when an NFT whitelist

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