What does OG means?

A shortened NFT slang for “Original Gangster.” It describes early supporters or highly respected members of an NFT team. Most NFT communities assign this role to designated members only—often due to their contributions, commitment, and value in the community.


  1. This tweet by @CandleCultNFT:
    “Final chance to claim OG role”
  2. An OG check by @IcedKnife:
    if you know what this is, you’re a Solana OG

Random Slangs


The most well-known cryptocurrency.


This is an ungoverned cryptographic digital currency that exists on a decentralized ledger. You can use cryptocurrencies to purchase digital and physical items. However, transactions

Private key

It’s the secret key that lets you access the wallet containing your cryptocurrency. It’s unique to you and used to sign your transactions, validating that

Play to Earn (P2E)

These are decentralized games powered by smart contracts that reward players with tokens and digital assets. P2E gamers often access the games via their NFTs


The certain percentage earned from an NFT sale or resale. Royalties might also come as life-long passive income for artists or NFT owners if they

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