Noob / Pleb

What does Noob / Pleb means?

An NFT or crypto beginner. Generally, someone not knowledgeable about a subject matter is called a Pleb or Noob. But the NFT community has adopted it to describe a person new to crypto or NFTs. They sometimes use it in the NFT community to annoy someone talking out of context due to little or no experience with a topic of discussion.


  1. You might grab an idea from this spiteful tweet by @TheRealNomics:

    “Discord pow wow on fomc impact on risks assets stocks crypto nft space hit the link in bio to stimulate ur for once & not just listen to next pleb say some dumb like “I’m super excited so happy to be here all u guys” incel garbage u keep hearing on every crypto space”

  2. “I won’t blame them for making that decision. Besides, they’re all plebs

Random Slangs


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