Noob / Pleb

What does Noob / Pleb means?

An NFT or crypto beginner. Generally, someone not knowledgeable about a subject matter is called a Pleb or Noob. But the NFT community has adopted it to describe a person new to crypto or NFTs. They sometimes use it in the NFT community to annoy someone talking out of context due to little or no experience with a topic of discussion.


  1. You might grab an idea from this spiteful tweet by @TheRealNomics:

    “Discord pow wow on fomc impact on risks assets stocks crypto nft space hit the link in bio to stimulate ur for once & not just listen to next pleb say some dumb like “I’m super excited so happy to be here all u guys” incel garbage u keep hearing on every crypto space”

  2. “I won’t blame them for making that decision. Besides, they’re all plebs

Random Slangs


The most well-known cryptocurrency.


It’s a cryptocurrency scam where all project owners pull out all resources, including investors’ funds— it usually happens after everyone interested in the project due


Another way of typing “shitposter.” It describes someone who derives joy from posting off-topic content on social platforms like Twitter. They aim to steer reactions,

NFT Metadata

An NFT metadata contains vital information about that NFT. Most projects store NFT metadata in a distributed file system called the IPFS (InterPlanetary file system).


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