What does NGMI means?

An acronym for “Not going to make it.” It’s the opposite form of “GMI.” The NFT and crypto community use this term to express hopelessness. For example, you might say an NFT or crypto trader is NGMI due to a poor investment decision.


  1. Here’s an assertive example; taken from a tweet by @_Cryptonomical:”If you are selling your @Thefuckupsnft, you’re #NGMI.
  2. And here’s another contextual usage of NGMI by @saifedean:“If Bitcoin works, it obsoletes central banks. This is the most economically & politically significant development happening anywhere today. If you’re being distracted from that by people selling centralized securities pretending to be decentralized or jpeg receipts, you are #NGMI
  3. This stern tweet by @patty_fi:“If you can’t make memes and wear an NFT as a pfp it’s probably NGMI.”

Random Slangs

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