What does NFA means?

An acronym for “Not financial advice.” For instance, you might call an NFT community to action but warn them that it’s NFA.


  1. A usage example of NFA is this tweet by @Samira_cryptoo:
    “PROMO safe projects, good for long term DYOR • NFA”
  2. “You can seep the floor price. But NFA”

Random Slangs

Proof of Work (PoW)

It’s the short form of Proof of Work—An expensive validation process on the blockchain where miners verify new transactions by solving hash puzzles. This mechanism


It’s the process of splitting an overly expensive NFT into units so that more people can afford it. Sharding can also convert an NFT to


An acronym for “Gonna make it.” In contrast to “WAGMI,” “GMI” typically applies to one person only. Individuals in NFT use it to express optimism


Another way of writing Ether, the native coin of the Ethereum blockchain.


It describes a continuous rise in the price or an increase in the value of a digital asset or coin. Examples “Pumping after dump:” Describes

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