Never trust, always verify

What does Never trust, always verify means?

A warning to assume that every other person or project on the internet is a scam. Otherwise known as the zero trust in cyber security, the “never trust, always verify” principle is a recommended protection guideline against potential cyber threats. It requires that you validate a cyber communication or transaction at every stage.


  1. I have over a thousand WL spots from several projects. But never trust. Always verify!
  2. There are many NFT scams out there. Remember, never trust. Always verify.

Random Slangs

Noob / Pleb

An NFT or crypto beginner. Generally, someone not knowledgeable about a subject matter is called a Pleb or Noob. But the NFT community has adopted it to describe


An acronym for “Gonna make it.” In contrast to “WAGMI,” “GMI” typically applies to one person only. Individuals in NFT use it to express optimism


A shorthand for “multi-signature.” It refers to a wallet address that requires multiple signatories (private keys) to transfer funds successfully. This further strengthens wallet security,

Off-chain metadata

As opposed to on-chain metadata, off-chain metadata refers to token information stored outside of the blockchain. Off-chain transactions are less-secure since they don’t exist on


This is the date and time an NFT collection is available for purchase. However, it also details a new NFT’s minting price. It’s, however, similar

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