What does Moonboy means?

Someone that keeps believing in an NFT project or cryptocurrency despite its failure or drop in value. Typically, someone can become “Moonboy” if they keep holding on to an obvious shitcoin. It also defines someone who believes in an NFT despite its failure—usually because they’ve invested heavily in it.


  1. That project is NGMI. But half its community is now “Moonboy” after investing heavily.
  2. Sell it all now and stop being a Moonboy.


Random Slangs

Paper hands

Selling an NFT rapidly below its floor price—often due to FOMO, fear of the project being a pump and dump, or a rug. Paper hands


The NFT creation process. In the background, it’s the process of attaching a unique (non-fungible) token to a digital file. Invariably, the attached token tracks


These abbreviations simply mean “Good Morning” and “Good Night,” respectively. They’re common ways NFT communities salute each other. And you’ve probably seen NFT folks use


Refers to a digital store or purse where you keep your tokens and digital assets. You need a wallet address to store your NFTs and


Used when someone buys a rare NFT at a price below its actual value. Essentially, it means a profitable deal on an NFT. Someone might

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