What does Metaverse means?

The metaverse refers to an immersive virtual world (accessible by wearing a headset) that simulates real-life events, where people can interact regardless of the distance separating them. The metaverse concept has been around for decades but only started trending recently with the advent of augmented reality, oculus headsets, and virtual games.


An example of the metaverse is the Decentraland, where people can buy virtual lands, houses, and many other virtual properties.

Random Slangs

Gas war

Gas war results from conflicting transactions on the blockchain, where the volume of NFTs available are lesser than the number of wallet addresses minting the


Refers to the step in the mint process when a buyer sees what they’ve minted. Buyers typically don’t know what they’re purchasing while minting an


This is the date and time an NFT collection is available for purchase. However, it also details a new NFT’s minting price. It’s, however, similar


Cancelling the listing of an NFT for sale from an open market.


The certain percentage earned from an NFT sale or resale. Royalties might also come as life-long passive income for artists or NFT owners if they

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