Looks rare

What does Looks rare means?

Expresses scarcity or uniqueness; to mark an NFT as highly valuable. Rarity is one of the essential features that determine the worth of an NFT. An NFT sighted as “rare,” for instance, will likely catch investors’ attention. People often tweet-quote an NFT with the word “looks rare” on Twitter.


“Looks rare. I may sweep the floor”

Random Slangs


Refers to the decentralized web version, where every transaction and data sits on several data nodes. Web 3.0 revolves around blockchain technology and runs decentralized


DYOR is the short form of “do your own research.” It’s often used as a disclaimer by someone who posts an update about an NFT

1:1 Art

A unique NFT art piece that only exists in one edition.


An acronym for “in real life.” The contextual use may vary. But generally, the NFT community uses it when comparing a digital asset to its


These are valuable digital items that are available for collection. Generally, they’re NFTs and range from artworks, music, video, cloth, sport collectibles to many more.

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