What does KOL means?

A short form of “Key Opinion Leaders.” It defines an industry influencer. In NFT, a KOL is someone whose decision impacts an NFT project. You can find many NFT KOLs on Twitter. Examples include @garyvee (Gary Vaynerchuk), @beaniemax (Beanie), and many more.


This KOLs party announcement on Twitter by @ELTblack:

“A KOL meeting party will be held on 24 July in LAMany influencers and NFT experts will be gathered in the party and meet up with our users.”

Random Slangs

NFT Metadata

An NFT metadata contains vital information about that NFT. Most projects store NFT metadata in a distributed file system called the IPFS (InterPlanetary file system).

Off-chain metadata

As opposed to on-chain metadata, off-chain metadata refers to token information stored outside of the blockchain. Off-chain transactions are less-secure since they don’t exist on

Secondary market

It refers to a direct transaction between investors in the crypto market. In NFT, the secondary market typically comes up after minting, phasing out communication


A short form for “Going to dust.” It defines an NFT project that was probably once valuable but went down the drain and became a

ENS (.eth)

A short form of “Ethereum Name Service.” ENS is the blockchain naming standard for the Ethereum network. It helps shorten wallets and dApps names, transforming

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