(Floor) sweeping

What does (Floor) sweeping means?

Buying an NFT in bulk at its lowest price, probably below or at the FP rate. For instance, project owners can sweep the floor of their NFT to increase its value. Investors can also sweep the floor to boost an NFT collection.


  1. “The price is low. Should I sweep the floor?”
  2. “I want to be a Whale. So I’m sweeping the floor.”

Random Slangs


Acronyms for “all-time high” and “all-time low,” respectively. An “all-time high” describes the highest market price an NFT project has ever attained in its entire


An abbreviation of “season.” The NFT community uses it to depict seasonal changes in the NFT world. Examples “Not many will projects will survive this


A misspelled slang for “Friend.” In the NFT community, people address their buddies as “fren.” Example Hey “fren,” WAGMI!


Another way to refer to a digital collectible or token.

Smart contract

A program on the blockchain that runs automatically only when transacting parties satisfy predefined conditions. Hence, unlike real-life contracts, you can’t alter smart contracts once

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