What does DYOR means?

DYOR is the short form of “do your own research.” It’s often used as a disclaimer by someone who posts an update about an NFT project. It simply means you should carry out a thorough background check on a project before making a financial decision.


  1. “Wakanda Inu will pump to $0.5, buy as much as you can! #DYOR thanks.”
  2. This tweet by @EverRise:
    Don’t fall for anyone promising the next #1000x gem… Always #DYOR!

Random Slangs


Another way of typing the word “wrecked.” It’s a slang often used by the crypto and gaming community to describe crypto, NFT trader, or an


A combination of “token” and “economics.” It defines the financial chain attribute of a digital token that makes it attractive to investors. These include statistical


To quickly buy an NFT due to a price drop. People often use it synonymously as sniping. For instance, someone might tell you to snag


NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” An NFT is a non-replaceable token that tracks digital assets on the blockchain. Each NFT is uniquely tied to a


IDO stands for “initial DEX offering.” DEX, in this case, is an acronym for “decentralized exchange.” Therefore, IDO is a form of an initial crowdfunding

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