Dutch auction

What does Dutch auction means?

Refers to an auction that opens with the highest possible price (ceiling price); this drops at intervals and closes with the lowest price accepted by the seller. 


Here’s how the Dutch auction works: The auctioneer determines a product’s ceiling price based on all existing bids for a digital product and keeps dropping this price at different intervals until it gets to the lowest possible offering. At the end of the auction, everyone buys at the lowest price accepted by the seller. It’s in contrast to a traditional auction, which starts from the lowest to the highest price.


Random Slangs


It’s a cryptocurrency scam where all project owners pull out all resources, including investors’ funds— it usually happens after everyone interested in the project due

Looks rare

Expresses scarcity or uniqueness; to mark an NFT as highly valuable. Rarity is one of the essential features that determine the worth of an NFT.

On-chain metadata

Refers to token information about an NFT stored directly on the blockchain; instead of embedding it in the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).


Short for “If you know, you know”. It implies that a message, post or information that’d make sense to the insiders but not the general public.


These are valuable digital items that are available for collection. Generally, they’re NFTs and range from artworks, music, video, cloth, sport collectibles to many more.

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