What does Devs means?

An abbreviation for developers. Devs are professionals who create products and services in the blockchain ecosystem using programming languages like Solidity, JavaScript, and Python, and much more usable in the ecosystem. These products and services often include smart contracts, GameFi, and decentralized Apps (dApps). They design, test, debug, implement, and take care of the general lifecycle of a blockchain product or service.

Random Slangs

Gas Fee

This is the amount paid in crypto for transacting on a particular blockchain. The gas fee is typically a fraction of the native coin of

Ring Signature

It’s a digital signing or agreement made by any member of a particular group—on behalf of the entire group (ring). Ring signature, however, ensures that


Refers to the decentralized web version, where every transaction and data sits on several data nodes. Web 3.0 revolves around blockchain technology and runs decentralized


Cancelling the listing of an NFT for sale from an open market.


A shortened NFT slang for “Original Gangster.” It describes early supporters or highly respected members of an NFT team. Most NFT communities assign this role

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