What does BTD / BTFD means?

Acronyms for “buy the dip” and “but the fxxxking dip,” respectively. These terms are used interchangeably in crypto to tell people to buy a cryptocurrency or digital asset when the price has crashed. This act might be profitable after a while if the crypto later rises in value more than its buying price. Imagine this as buying at a lower price and aiming to sell when the market price sky-rockets.


  1. “I know the market is bearish right now, but keep BTD.”
  2. “I BTFD the and now it keeps dipping.”



Random Slangs

Gas Fee

This is the amount paid in crypto for transacting on a particular blockchain. The gas fee is typically a fraction of the native coin of

Ape-ing (into something)

When you ‘ape into’ something, it means that you’re buying something in an irresponsible manner and typically out of “FOMO”, and/or without doing your due diligence.

Crypto Twitter (CT)

Refers to a specific group of people on Twitter that tweet topics revolving around the blockchain and crypto. They include devs, crypto traders, investors, spectators,


When you believe that a market or asset is heading towards a downward trajectory. For example, “I’m feeling pretty bearish about the P2E gaming space right now.”

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