What does BTD / BTFD means?

Acronyms for “buy the dip” and “but the fxxxking dip,” respectively. These terms are used interchangeably in crypto to tell people to buy a cryptocurrency or digital asset when the price has crashed. This act might be profitable after a while if the crypto later rises in value more than its buying price. Imagine this as buying at a lower price and aiming to sell when the market price sky-rockets.


  1. “I know the market is bearish right now, but keep BTD.”
  2. “I BTFD the and now it keeps dipping.”



Random Slangs

Decentralized apps (dApps)

Apps or programs that execute tasks within the decentralized or blockchain ecosystem. Generally, dApps run on smart contracts and are autonomous. Examples OpenSea, Magic Eden,


When you believe that a market or asset is heading towards a downward trajectory. For example, ā€œIā€™m feeling pretty bearish about the P2E gaming space right now.ā€


These are valuable digital items that are available for collection. Generally, they’re NFTs and range from artworks, music, video, cloth, sport collectibles to many more.


An NFT way of describing a rapid increase in the volume and price of a cryptocurrency or digital asset. The “moon” is the ultimate goal


An acronym for “Not financial advice.” For instance, you might call an NFT community to action but warn them that it’s NFA. Examples A usage

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