What does Bot means?

A bot is an automated program bearing instructions to execute a specific task. Discord bots are good examples of how the NFT community uses bots in real-life.


For instance, a Discord community can assign bots to welcome new members or kick violators out. However, some traders and collectors in crypto and NFT communities also depend on bots for minting and trading. Botting is often a problem in NFT minting, as their activities can prevent real humans from minting.

Random Slangs

Gas war

Gas war results from conflicting transactions on the blockchain, where the volume of NFTs available are lesser than the number of wallet addresses minting the


In crypto, “exchange,” also known as a “crypto exchange,” describes a platform where people can trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can swap from one crypto to

(Floor) sweeping

Buying an NFT in bulk at its lowest price, probably below or at the FP rate. For instance, project owners can sweep the floor of


As opposed to non-fungibility, fungibility means replaceability. It describes the ability of an item to be tradable or exchangeable for other commodities. For instance, cryptocurrencies


Generating a certain amount of cryptocurrency before its public release or launch. It’s a way to reward early supporters and founders of a crypto project.

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