Ape-ing (into something)

What does Ape-ing (into something) means?

Ape-in in NFT defines the event of purchasing an NFT carelessly without research. It usually happens at the beginning of an NFT launch when it starts to gain attention and investors buy without researching the project thoroughly.

Example Usage

“They aped in out of FOMO but still missed out”

Random Slangs


Acronyms for “all-time high” and “all-time low,” respectively. An “all-time high” describes the highest market price an NFT project has ever attained in its entire


KYC is an acronym for “know your customer,” often required as a registration phase in crypto trading apps like Binance. The purpose of KYC is


A loose spelling of “when.” Crypto communities use it to inquire about the time of an event. Examples “Wen WL:” Asks when an NFT whitelist


It’s a marketing strategy usually adopted by influencers to promote an NFT project to push others to invest in it. Example “The project gained popularity


A shorthand for “multi-signature.” It refers to a wallet address that requires multiple signatories (private keys) to transfer funds successfully. This further strengthens wallet security,

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