Ape-ing (into something)

What does Ape-ing (into something) means?

Ape-in in NFT defines the event of purchasing an NFT carelessly without research. It usually happens at the beginning of an NFT launch when it starts to gain attention and investors buy without researching the project thoroughly.

Example Usage

“They aped in out of FOMO but still missed out”

Random Slangs


A detailed outline of how an NFT project will achieve its aim. It contains all the strategies, plans, and routes an NFT project will take

10k project

An NFT collection of approximately 10,000 avatars, which was arguably pioneered by the famous CryptoPunks collection. This term is also commonly used to refer to similar avatar projects instead of the actual number of NFTs in the collection.


When you believe that a market or asset is heading towards a downward trajectory. For example, ā€œIā€™m feeling pretty bearish about the P2E gaming space right now.ā€


An acronym for “graphics processing unit.” A type of CPU (central processing unit) that speeds up digital rendering. In crypto, powerful GPUs are an essential


This is a short form of cryptocurrency. It’s an ungoverned digital currency backed by a particular blockchain.

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