What does Alpha means?

Alpha in NFT refers to a group of people with access to a scarce and valuable piece of information not available to the public. This gives them an advantage over others in the NFT community. Such information often comes from an organization insider.

Random Slangs


Refers to a digital store or purse where you keep your tokens and digital assets. You need a wallet address to store your NFTs and

Utility-focused NFTs

These are NFTs that offer real-life uses or tools to perform a task. An excellent example of a utility NFT is Moonly, which gives unique

Private key

It’s the secret key that lets you access the wallet containing your cryptocurrency. It’s unique to you and used to sign your transactions, validating that

Gas Fee

This is the amount paid in crypto for transacting on a particular blockchain. The gas fee is typically a fraction of the native coin of


Cancelling the listing of an NFT for sale from an open market.

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