What does Airdrop means?

An Airdrop is an NFT or crypto marketing campaign where the developers of a project send a digital asset to selected wallet addresses on a blockchain. Its purpose is to publicize and add more value to a project. The condition for receiving an Airdrop depend on the side rules. While some might send you an Airdrop for completing a task, others reward you for holding a particular NFT or cryptocurrency.

Thus, an Airdrop can be exclusive, hard-forked, or standard.

Random Slangs


DYOR is the short form of “do your own research.” It’s often used as a disclaimer by someone who posts an update about an NFT


Having access to important insider information. For example, one may say “I work at Opensea, so I have Alpha on the new artists that we’re partnering with next month”

Mint interval

The time interval between each mint. The aim of adding a mint interval is to offload the real-time requests or transactions during mint.


Refers to the decentralized web version, where every transaction and data sits on several data nodes. Web 3.0 revolves around blockchain technology and runs decentralized

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