What does AFAIK means?

The short form of “as far as I know”, implying that the information available is what someone knows so far. AFAIK statements are usually amenable to correction—when more accurate information is available.


  1. “AFAIK, Solana is going to the moon.”
  2. “AFAIK, WAGMI (we are all gonna make it).”

Random Slangs


Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that runs on smart contracts, and its native currency is Ether or ETH. The Ethereum blockchain is the basis of


A more secure digital storage for crypto assets. A vault is like a crypto wallet but has extra security features that let you delay a


This is a short form of cryptocurrency. It’s an ungoverned digital currency backed by a particular blockchain.


New NFTs or cryptocurrencies that are automatically sent to your wallet for free. This is a common practice in the crypto space to attract and reward early project adopters.


A short form of “ask me anything.” An AMA is usually a session on Twitter Space, where an NFT project community members get to ask

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