1:1 Art

What does 1:1 Art means?

Pronounced as “one of one,” a 1:1 Art refers to an NFT collection with only one copy. Such NFTs are rare since they’re the first and last. You can buy 1:1 Arts on marketplaces like OpenSea, but the chances of nailing one are slim since they’re often expensive and desired by many top-notch investors.

Most hand-drawn NFTs and photographs come as 1:1 Arts.

Random Slangs


It refers to someone who expresses FUD about a project; they’re frightened, uncertain, and doubtful about an investment. Anyone can become a Fudder in crypto,


In crypto, “exchange,” also known as a “crypto exchange,” describes a platform where people can trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can swap from one crypto to


An acronym for “Binance Smart Chain.” BSC is a protocol that makes the Binance Chain interoperable and programmable. Hence, other resources can communicate with it.

1:1 Art

A unique NFT art piece that only exists in one edition.


The certain percentage earned from an NFT sale or resale. Royalties might also come as life-long passive income for artists or NFT owners if they

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