10k project

What does 10k project means?

A 10k project refers to an NFT collection with 10,000 distinct non-fungible tokens. They’re mostly a collection of avatars with unique properties each. 10k projects are the most popular and profitable since they sell many NFTs in a row. However, since Cryptopunk introduced the 10k feature, many avatar projects have adopted it.

Random Slangs

Looks rare

Expresses scarcity or uniqueness; to mark an NFT as highly valuable. Rarity is one of the essential features that determine the worth of an NFT.

Secondary market

It refers to a direct transaction between investors in the crypto market. In NFT, the secondary market typically comes up after minting, phasing out communication


DYOR is the short form of “do your own research.” It’s often used as a disclaimer by someone who posts an update about an NFT


It’s the process of splitting an overly expensive NFT into units so that more people can afford it. Sharding can also convert an NFT to

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